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Helicopter License Training: Getting the Most Out of Your Flight Classes

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Helicopter flight training is a challenging undertaking for any individual. Therefore, if you are planning on taking classes, you must ensure that you are gaining maximum advantage from your chosen school. Remember, the greatest limitation in aviation education is that you cannot practice the craft in your home. If you do not soak up knowledge during your limited lessons, you will take longer to earn your license. Here are some practical guidelines to help you get the most out of your flight classes.

Check Your Syllabus Outline You should have a training course outline or syllabus guide to help you keep track of your helicopter flight lessons. This tool is valuable for students in a major flight school or an independent instructor. The syllabus will provide a logical order of the different elements of flight training. Consequently, you will be able to track your progress over time. You will also have a concrete manual to help you perform daily reviews of your course. You can obtain a syllabus from your flight school or instructor.

Use Video-Based Course Material You cannot practice flight at home. However, you can learn using video-based tools. This type of home study course can help you complement your knowledge in both the theoretical and practical aspects of helicopter training. The main advantage of video-based tools is their ability to engage the mind more in comparison to textbooks. Moreover, you will gain more understanding and confidence for your practical classes and exam with regular learning from audio-visual materials.

Make a Consistent Schedule You should try to maintain a consistent timetable for your flight classes. Under ideal circumstances, you should schedule a couple of flight lessons every week. Do not allow long stretches of time to pass in between your classes. While the human mind is incredible, it will not retain all the learned information. Shorter gaps between your training will allow you to remember most of the relevant details. Besides, you will be able to take your tests faster, minimising the financial implications of gaining your license and certificate.

Participate in Post-Flight Briefing Finally, you should not overlook the importance of post-flight briefing. This element is critical because you will have an opportunity to cover the details of the lesson, including the issues that need improvement. You should also take this opportunity to document your observations in a notebook or along your syllabus outline for further review. Additionally, you should not forget to have your instructor's signature in your logbook.