Three Top Considerations to Make When Hiring a Limo for Your Event

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Do you have an upcoming event that you would like to arrive in style and glamour at? Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, or a simple ride from the airport, hiring a limo is a great way of making your journey more sensational and festive. However, before going through with the hiring process, there are a few factors that should be considered. While your event would look glamorous with this type of vehicle, it would be more elegant if the kind of limo chosen suits the occasion. Here are the three top factors that you should have in mind when approaching the limo hiring company. Interior features Limousines have significant variations when it comes to their interior features. Some of the standard features that you are likely to encounter include flat screen TVs to customized lighting, custom floors, disco lights, and a complimentary bar. Some limos also come with a moon roof, window divider, and other specialized features. The type of features that you need should be defined by the purpose of the limo. For a girls’ night out, you should consider a limo with a bar, music, and disco lights to create a lively mood. A limo for a corporate event should have a comfortable interior which features a professional look. Limousine color There is a wide selection of limousines to choose from, and color always comes to play when making a choice. Black, pink, white, and gray are some of the common colors that you are likely to find on the market. Black limos are chic and stylish and can be suited for any occasion from corporate events to casual parties. Pink creates a light and fun mood and is mostly suited for fun events such as parties and weddings. Grey and white limos are more conservative, but they are equally elegant and stylish. Number of people The number of people that you will be traveling with will determine the ideal limo for the party. Limos vary in size and width, and you need to ensure that all the occupants are comfortable throughout the journey. If you have a large party of people, go for a wide limo model that will be able to fit more people comfortably. If you need to hire more than one limo, make sure that you approach a company with a large fleet. This way, you will not only rely on one company for the services, but you will also get better rates as opposed to hiring two or three limos from different firms. Have these factors in mind when hiring a limo for your event so that you can get the most out of the...

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Reasons Why a Charter Bus Would Be Great For Your Party

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When you are holding a party, the location is vital. You need to consider the number of guests you are going to have as well as the convenience of the location. However, if you are having an exclusive party, you would not want to be burdened with having to ensure all your guests arrive, dealing with unwanted intruders and more. This is why you should consider hiring a charter bus when holding an exclusive party in a remote location. Here are some of the reasons why a charter bus would be great for your party.    Your guests get to start partying immediately It is not uncommon to find some people would prefer to have a few drinks at their local pub or at home with friends before hey head out to an event This is to get them relaxed and ready for the festivities of the evening. Instead of having your friends partake in these warm-up drinks individually, you should opt for a charter bus. Some bus companies will provide both beverages as well as entertainment during the ride, which works toward setting the mood for a fun evening. A charter bus lets you start your party from the moment your guests step on board! You avoid gatecrashers There are some people who simply live for crashing parties so that they can take advantage of the free food and the free drinks. If you will be holding a party that involves an open bar, you would be best advised to find an exclusive location for it so as to elude these opportunists. Having a charter bus enables you to account for all invited guests and keep anybody out that was not invited to your exclusive party. You ensure everyone has access to the location When choosing a venue for your exclusive party, you have to ensure that it will be accessible to all the people who will be attending. If you are not convinced all your guests will be able to make it to the location, you could try to organize transportation for them. Having a charter bus ensures nobody will get lost on the way to the party and become inconvenienced in the process. You avoid stragglers There is nothing worse than a party not starting on time simply because you have a considerable number of guests that do not keep time. With a charter bus, you ensure that all your guests arrive at the venue at the same time. Therefore, your party can kick off in a timely...

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Why Use a Customs Broker to Handle Your International Shipping?

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When shipping internationally, you need to understand everything about customs on both sides of the border, and this can be a challenge. A customs broker is someone who handles many aspects of international shipping for you and who can make the process of clearing customs clearance much easier and faster overall. Note a few reasons why this is and why you should consider using a customs broker for international shipping and freight forwarding. 1. Deciding on modes of transportation International shipping often means more than just trucking; your materials may need to travel by sea, air, or rail in order to reach their destination. Each of these modes of transportation will have their own advantages when it comes to pricing and speed of transport, but each may also have their own regulations about how your materials need to be packaged. A customs broker can discuss all these details with you and help you determine the best mode of transport according to your budget, schedule, and the various regulations you would have to meet for sea transport versus air transport and the like. 2. Understanding regulatory agencies The laws regarding the importing and exporting of goods will usually fall under a variety of agencies, and trying to sort them all out for your particular materials can be confusing. For example, if you’re sending something to the U.S., food products are usually regulated by the Department of Agriculture, whereas fish are typically regulated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. If you’re exporting fish to the U.S. for food consumption, you may need to determine which agency would regulate your product, or if you need to consult with regulations from both. A customs broker will be familiar with these types of regulations and agencies and can make this process much easier for you. 3. Ease of freight forwarding Freight forwarding refers to the process of a separate company picking up your freight at the border and then taking it to its final destination; this can pose problems for you if a freight forwarder should fail to make your scheduled pickup, but a customs broker may have contacts with several such services. They can not only arrange for another freight forwarder if yours should not be available, but they may also be able to help you choose a freight forwarder in the first place. This can be especially invaluable if you’re exporting to a country where there may be a language barrier, which can make it difficult for you to coordinate with a local transport company for your freight forwarding...

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Important Questions to Ask When Considering Chartering a Flight

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Chartering a flight means renting the entire airplane, not just buying a seat on a plane. Chartering a flight can mean being able to leave and arrive when you so choose, and means avoiding long lines when checking in. A charter flight can also mean privacy if you want to travel with businesspersons or your family, and can be very comfortable and luxurious. Note a few important questions to ask when you’re thinking of chartering a flight for yourself or to travel with others. 1. Ask if you can see a photo of the actual plane before you book You want to ensure that the plane you’re choosing is to your liking, and seeing a photo not only allows you to actually see the décor but to ensure that it’s clean, well-maintained, and in the size you prefer. If you’re a bit claustrophobic you might prefer a plane with a taller ceiling than what you see in the pictures or may see that the seating looks a little thin and narrow. Seeing actual photos can help you to ensure you choose the right size and model of plane for your flight. 2. Ask what happens when you land A charter flight doesn’t mean that you don’t need to check in with customs at a terminal, but you should be personally escorted to a private terminal if you prefer. Note how your luggage is handled and where you can be picked up, if they’re not also arranging a private car for you. Don’t assume that using a private plane is like what you see in the movies, where you step off the plane and right into a taxi. Asking about the procedure when you land can help you know what to expect when you arrive at the airport. 3. Note if flight attendants are included Your chartered flight will include a pilot and copilot as necessary, but don’t assume that it will also include a flight attendant. This may vary according to the size of the plane and the company from which you rent the flight, so be sure to ask. If it’s a long flight and you prefer to have someone prepare your meals then you’ll want to ensure there will be a flight attendant. On the other hand, if it’s a quick flight on a smaller plane, you may not want to pay an extra fee for an attendant. No matter your preferences, be sure you ask what is...

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Effective Freight Shipping Guide

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More and more businesses are finding themselves moving materials from one location to another using freight shipping. With such a high demand, this shipping can lead to undesired consequences. To avoid such pitfalls, you need to be cautious. Here are a few tips that may come in handy before setting up a shipment, whether you are an individual or business. Consider your weight and dimensions Ensure you give clear details on the size of the shipment. Round off your dimensions to the nearest dentimetre and provide the length, width and also height as accurately as possible. LTC carriers usually take into account the size of the freight so as to plan and determine the number of loads that can be transported in a certain truck. Giving poor estimates may lead to carrier adjustments, and you will have to pay dearly for that. The trucks are supposed to range within a certain weight figure for both safe and efficient transportation. This makes them use weight as another factor in determining the number of goods to have in a specific truck. Confirm the quoted weight you give. Giving wrong details may cost you dearly when they have to make an adjustment from the carrier. Check the size of your goods In some instances, the size of the goods may be too huge to properly fit in an ordinary shipping pallet. This means that you will have to search for shipping companies that provide customised packages to cater for oversized loads. You’ll have to pay more for the service, so get a provider with multiple options and varying shipping charges; this will help you get the best service. However, not all shipping companies provide satisfactory services, so pick an experienced provider with high rates of customer satisfaction. Proper packaging Do not ignore the packaging of your freight, it may be the difference between safely arrived goods and damaged ones. Package your goods in sturdy crates or boxes and place those that can be affected by dirt inside plastic bags before boxing them up. Fragile items need special care; place them in individual padded forms or bubble wraps and fill all the extra space in the box with cushioning material. You should also directly contact the carrier because some may have their own specifications on packaging products. Putting these tips in practice will not only ensure that your recipients are pleased, but also it will prevent you from getting entangled in the common freight drawbacks that arise. Form ore information, contact a business such as Star...

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How to Prepare Your Automobile for Relocation

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Relocating your automobile is not as easy as it sounds. There’s more that goes into vehicle relocation than simply pushing it over a ramp and into a waiting truck. Just like any other activity, vehicle relocation requires adequate preparation for an incident-free relocation. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to prepare for vehicle relocation. General Information A large number of vehicle relocation companies will only relocate operable vehicles. This means that your vehicle has to be in working condition. A large number of relocation companies have extra charges if they’re to relocate a broken-down vehicle. It is a good idea to inform the relocation company of any modifications that may have been done on the vehicle to be relocated. Such modifications include, lowering of vehicles, installation of a 4x4lift kit e.t.c. This information is important as it will help the relocation company employees to understand exactly how to handle the vehicle with these modifications in mind. If the height of your vehicle happens to be more than the maximum height allowed on standard relocation trailers, it will have to be relocated in a different kind of trailer. This means that you will be required to pay more for the vehicle relocation exercise. It is important to remember this factor when budgeting for the relocation exercise. Preparing the Automobile The actual preparation of the vehicle involves a number of activities, none of which should be ignored. You should confirm that your vehicle has no signs of fluid leakage, especially from the engine compartment You need to have your vehicle cleaned for inspection before it’s mounted on the relocation truck. This is because dirt can hinder an effective inspection of the vehicle. You should see to it that there is adequate fuel in the gas tank before the relocation exercise. It is recommended that your gas tank be at least 1/8 full. While you’re at it you should also ensure that that the fuel in the tank does not go beyond the quarter mark. You should ensure that you un-mount any semi-permanent vehicle accessories such as bike and luggage racks. These accessories add to the overall weight of the vehicle, which is counter-productive during relocation.   Vehicle relocation leaves little room for mistakes, especially when it comes to preparation for the exercise. For more of these tips, talk to your local auto relocation service such as Dashpine Transport for...

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4 Ways to Minimise Your Shipping and Freight Expenses

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Shipping and freight can be a very large part of any company’s business, especially one that deals in online retail and that makes daily shipments to customers. Unfortunately not all companies understand how to minimise their costs in this area, as they may simply pay full price to a popular carrier for their shipments and never investigate ways to save. If your company has not reviewed your shipping and freight expenses, consider 4 ways you may be able to reduce these costs. 1. Review your rate versus your discount One common mistake that companies make when it comes to shipping is choosing a company that offers them a large discount without noting the original rate first. They may be offered a discount on an overly inflated rate, so they’re not really saving money in the first place. This is similar to a store putting an item on sale when it was already overpriced; the ‘sale’ doesn’t really offer the consumer any savings. To ensure you’re saving the most, note the original rate on which you’re getting a discount and compare this to other companies and their rates. 2. Be cautious of fixed fuel surcharges These surcharges are meant to help offset the cost of fuel for the shipping or freight company, but this should be flexible as gasoline prices go up or down. If your freight company has been charging you one set price over the past several years, ask if this can be lowered or changed as fuel prices level off. 3. Know when to consolidate If you ship less than a truckload of goods or ‘LTL’, you are typically charged more by your carrier or freight transport service. One way to avoid this type of extra charge is to work with a freight consolidation service. This service will combine your shipment with other shipments so that your carrier has a full truckload out for each delivery. In turn, you are charged a portion of the truckload charge, saving you money overall. 4. Don’t waste too much time getting quotes It can actually be very costly spending hours and hours every week getting new quotes from carriers, thinking that you need to find the cheapest carrier each and every time you arrange a shipment. Instead, get quotes from carriers like Jayde Transport once per month or even once per quarter. Their rates and discounts are not likely to change much over that time...

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